Services: Realvitalize Program

Services offered to provide exceptional value to our clients

House valuation assessment

How much is my house worth?

Replacement home

Replacement home purchase services.

House Sale

We can help you from start to finish.

Pre-sale property inspection

Pre-sale property inspection for house sale. Property inspection for replacement home purchase.

Smart repair

Smart repair, correction and improvement for house sale.

Yard clean up

Yard clean up, maintenance and care for house sale.

House cleaning

House cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning for house sale.

Property staging

Property staging, inside and outside for house sale.

Home Warranty Plan

Home Warranty Plan for house sale and replacement home purchase.

Comprehensive marketing program

Comprehensive marketing program for top value of house sale.

Quick cash

Quick cash house sale.

Declutter house

sort, distribute, sell, and dispose of personal items for house sale.

Coordinated legal

Coordinated legal title transfer, insurance and sale closing.

Move management

Move management, packing, unpacking, new home setup.

“Working with Mimi on the selling of my sister's home was the best decision I could have made. I interviewed three Realtors, and she was by far, the one that fit the needs in this house sale. I came from Arizona to Boulder to help my sister who had fallen and broken her hip. She was in a Rehab Nursing Care facility and unable to be of any help. She needed to get her home on the market for sale. Having only two weeks to accomplish all of this before I returned was of concern to me. Mimi was able to put us in touch with people who helped pack and sort through the thighs that needed to be moved. Dumpsters were ordered. Shredders and yard work that needed attention were taken care of. The house needed to be made ready for sale, and items like plumbing and electrical work were completed. Refinishing floors, cleaning carpeting, and replacing kitchen and bathroom tile were all projects that had to be done. All the preliminary work was finished and the house was put on the market. Much of this work took time, but i kept in touch with the process of the project with updates from Mimi. Everything was completed in a timely manner. I was able To feel that things were under control, even if i was so far away. I can't explain the good feeling I had as I stayed in touch during this project. The end result was we had a buyer and the home sale closed quickly. This was a very good experience. I would highly recommend Mimi, as she was very competent and helped us through this major transition.”

Marlene Ralston

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