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Services offered to provide exceptional value to our clients

House valuation assessment

How much is my house worth?

Replacement home

Replacement home purchase services.

House Sale

We can help you from start to finish.

Pre-sale property inspection

Pre-sale property inspection for house sale. Property inspection for replacement home purchase.

Smart repair

Smart repair, correction and improvement for house sale.

Yard clean up

Yard clean up, maintenance and care for house sale.

House cleaning

House cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning for house sale.

Property staging

Property staging, inside and outside for house sale.

Home Warranty Plan

Home Warranty Plan for house sale and replacement home purchase.

Comprehensive marketing program

Comprehensive marketing program for top value of house sale.

Quick cash

Quick cash house sale.

Declutter house

sort, distribute, sell, and dispose of personal items for house sale.

Coordinated legal

Coordinated legal title transfer, insurance and sale closing.

Move management

Move management, packing, unpacking, new home setup.

“Relocating a senior parent from one town to another can be a confusing, fearful and often overwhelming process. My wife and I chose to seek the guidance of a specialist in this field, and we're glad that we did. Mimi continuously demonstrated a high level of professionalism. She is truly an advocate for the population she services. Mom bought a condo in Boulder, ten minutes from each of her children, close to shopping and services, and is truly happy.”

Marcia and Charlie Lamb

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