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Whether you are a homeowner wanting to sell a house and downsize, or an executor needing to sell a house as part of an estate, we can help. And we can help you from start to finish.

No, you don’t need to clean your house before we come by and see it.

No, you don’t need to sort and organize everything in the house before we get started.

No, you don’t need to update your kitchen or bathroom before we can talk about selling it.

In fact, we prefer you don’t do a thing to anything. Most people assume they know what needs to be done to get a home ready for sale. We’ve heard various people’s comments before meeting with us, “We are in the process of updating our kitchen.” “We are in the process of updating the bathroom.” “We are having new carpeting installed in one bedroom.” “We are in the process of finishing the basement.” Nine times out of ten, through guessing what needs to be done, people spend haphazard money here and there, which often digs a deeper spending hole or provides little or no return in the resulting house sale.

Mimi and Tom prefer to see your house and property as-is. When we preview your house and property we look through the stuff to best understand what we are working with. However, more importantly, we want to talk with you so we can fully understand where you are, what your situation is, what your thoughts and goals are so we can explore the best plan of action and timeline in achieving what you want to do.

We offer a free initial 20-minute phone consultation to learn more about you, find out what your situation is and how we can best help you. Simply click below to make an appointment, or complete the form and Mimi or Tom will give you a call. We look forward to talking with you soon!

Services offered to provide exceptional value to our clients

House valuation assessment

How much is my house worth?

Replacement home

Replacement home purchase services.

House Sale

We can help you from start to finish.

Pre-sale property inspection

Pre-sale property inspection for house sale. Property inspection for replacement home purchase.

Smart repair

Smart repair, correction and improvement for house sale.

Yard clean up

Yard clean up, maintenance and care for house sale.

House cleaning

House cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning for house sale.

Property staging

Property staging, inside and outside for house sale.

Home Warranty Plan

Home Warranty Plan for house sale and replacement home purchase.

Comprehensive marketing program

Comprehensive marketing program for top value of house sale.

Quick cash

Quick cash house sale.

Declutter house

sort, distribute, sell, and dispose of personal items for house sale.

Coordinated legal

Coordinated legal title transfer, insurance and sale closing.

Move management

Move management, packing, unpacking, new home setup.

“After my father passed away, I had the responsibility, as his trustee, of selling the family home. After interviewing five Realtors, I hired Mimi Tugaoen to sell the house for the family. This was obviously a very difficult time for all of us as we were coping with the death of a parent and with the need to sell the house we had grown up in. Mimi was endlessly understanding. The house was looking very tired and dated. Mimi provided me with very practical advice about what could be done to make the house more marketable. Because I lived overseas, I entrusted Mimi with this. She did a fantastic job. The house looked wonderful. It sold quickly for the asking price. I would happily recommend Mimi to anyone who is selling a home or looking for one.”

Mary Stuart

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